Rebecca “Becca” Begnaud is a born healer. She comes by these talents both naturally and through persistence. But first, she had to experience healing from the perspective of the patient. The saga that is her life, is nothing short of remarkable. Coming back from the throes of mental illness and twice recovered from breast cancer, Becca knows more about the mind-body-spirit connection than most. Her training as a Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner, and in Trauma First Aide, have all built upon that mind-body-spirit connection and personal experience. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette giving her the background to merge her own experienices and her unique education as a healer with her French-speaking Catholic roots. As the initiator and founder/director of the now defunct Healthcare for Musicians, Becca has served as a leader.

Her own talents as a singer, musician, author, newspaper columnist, and storyteller are known throughout the Acadiana area and add to her abilities as a presenter. Her volunteerism includes speaking engagements with recovery groups for those with cancer as well as mental illness – groups who she describes as having a collective experience that is “much bigger than my own.” She is also recognized by hundreds of thousands as the French-speaking announcer/ translator on stage at the annual Festival International, a francophone event named one of the top ten festivals worldwide by “National Geographic Magazine.” But it is her gift and endowment as a French-Speaking Traditional Traiteur that has currently thrust her into the limelight.

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