Suicide: The Ripple Effect (film)


A Healing Arts Collective will host the exclusive Lafayette screening of the documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect, at 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 3, at the Acadiana Center for the Arts’ James Devin Moncus Theater.

Suicide: The Ripple Effect takes the viewer on a journey with Kevin Hines, from the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to take his life. Since then Kevin has been on a mission to use his story to help others find hope and stay alive. As part of that mission, he has teamed with filmmaker Greg Dicharry to produce this acclaimed documentary, which had its world premiere at the Baton Rouge International Film Festival.

Following the film, a discussion with an expert
panel will bring clarity to questions from the audience.
Members of the panel will include:
  • Dr. Sarah Brabant, retired professor of Sociology at UL-Lafayette and a pioneer in the field of education on death and dying
  • Dr. DeAnn Kalich, professor and chair of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Child & Family Studies at ULL and board president of the Jacob Crouch Foundation
  • Louis Deshotels, MSW, LCSW, BACS, a clinical social worker and therapist in private practice in Lafayette 

Moderating the discussion will be Becca Begnaud, a healing arts practitioner and traiteur who has survived the suicide of her father and daughter, mental illness, cancer, and Legionnaires’ disease.

Tickets are $16 and available at
For more information, call 337-230-8615 or visit

Natural Force Healing w/Kathlene Casey

Hosted by Becca Begnaud

Natural Force Healing was designed specifically for our personal evolutionaty process at this time and not before. Everything is in perfect timing and in precision, thus if you push the process you will burn out your endocrine system and nervous system. This the most important time on the earth because It is hightly transformative.That is why we are all here with our very specific gifts to assist humanity and more specifically mother earth. Regardless of what we may think we are doing at this point, we are actually anchoring divine light from the heavens to the earth. Kathleen Casey personally implores the heavens to bring forth individuals who are ready for the work. Natural Force Healing brings you to your perfect self, your triune of well being. Kathleen is called to work with us in Louisiana and beyond to help us illuminate the darkness.

If you’d like a session please call me at 337.230.8615.

Donation per session $65.

Lifepath Dialogues Interview

Carla Woody, founder of Kenosis, interviews Cajun traiteur (healer) Becca Begnaud about what it means to be a traiteur, the nearly lost tradition and the Cajun culture.

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